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Hey everyone,

So in the next few days, I'm going to have a fic that needs a beta or two. It's, uh. Well. Ok. First of all, it's long. REALLY long. It's within the same 'verse as my first fic, though not the promised sequel, and it's longer than that. Right now it stands at 51 pages. Second of all, I think I've basically managed to accomplish hitting every single trigger in the world. Most of them are just mentions, no graphic detail, but you should be aware of that. And while the end is hopeful, it is not a happy story.

I'm mostly interested in a Brit-picker and someone to basic editing, like spelling, grammar, and typos, but I do appreciate if someone would tell me if I got something totally wrong about British society, or if they have concerns, I appreciate that too.

If anyone is interested, shoot me a message on DW, and I'll give you more information regarding the warnings and what you'd be getting into. I don't want to post anything spoilery here since, y'know, someday I'll be posting!


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